Johann Meunier was born in Epernay in 1987. Raised in a middle class family, his father was working as a construction worker. Curious ans eager to learn, Johan quickly started to travel throughout Europe to discover unusual and abandoned places. Johann got interested in the work of his father, when he noticed that his dad was working to premodern old buildings in the respect of antique traditions and architecture styles. Johann got so curious about the restoration of these old buildings that he started assisting his father on various projects at the age of 14, therefore discovering different types of architectures and construction.

A few years later, Johann started to raise interest in old buildings and abandoned places, collecting several series of photographs while traveling Europe. Passionate and eager to discover new places, Johann is always always trying to photograph the places he visits by putting forward the effect of time and nature working together to sublimate those places he visits. Castles and churches are some of Johann’s favorite subjects. Those are the ones who took him for various trip throughout Europe for a discovery of some of the most beautiful places history has to offer. His work has been featured in various art exhibitions in the city of Reims and throughout Belgium.

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